Thursday, August 28, 2008

Game Preview - North Texas

d00ds, GMAFB with this North Texas team. They suck, ok, horrible. Josh Freeman is going to throw for eleven hundred yards and 9 scores while kicking field goals instead of extra points to add insult to injury. You ever heard of a little something named Keithen Valentine!? Not your grandma's Valentine, because your grandma wouldn't like it when he mows her down midfield with a stiff arm to the box. She'd much rather have one of your pussyfied valentines with Garfield on it and a candy puke heart that says "be mine". North Texas is led by a quarterback who always hurts his vagina and leaves the game anyway so he won't factor in. Their backup is probably terrible as well. Didn't research their line, running backs or wide receivers because I'm that sure they are fucking terrible. Offensive preview over jerk-asses. Let's get to the D. Tons of it on the State side. Almost none on the NT side, because they blow. Players to watch for are the KSU guys. Special teams come down to who can kick and run. We know Josh Freeman can do both for tons so we get the nod there. Coaching comes down to Ron Prince (genius) vs. North Texas coach (dumbass) tell me who gets the coaching nod!

Final score: K-State 42 North Texas 38

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Anonymous said...

You are ignorant. The North Texas coach has more career wins than KState, including your couple of 'dynasty' years. He led a Southlake High School to consecutive state championships. His son was the starting qb for two of those years. You will be hearing his name in much greater circles than your JFreeman. You should spend 3 minutes doing research before you spout your ignorance.