Sunday, November 16, 2008



In a shocking move, Kansas State Athletic Director Bob Krause got way too drunk during the dismantling in Manhattan earlier today, as the Pelini-led Huskers rolled the EMAW'd out GOKATZ who were wearing an ensemble designed by none other than GOD'S in-house fashionista chum1, and decided to pull what many are calling a puzzling turn in the GARY PATTERSON TO KANSAS STATE story which was broken by none other than FitzFuck himself on G0P**** Over that Friday EMAWrz everywhere watched as Fitz slowly pulled out the beating hope from KAZZU fans everywhere and simultaneously ate and shat on it in what has been called 1 Fitz 1 cup by many a jaded KATPAK'R. When Fitz posted "IT'S PATTERSON!" few believed him, but now his credibility is at an all-time low as Fitz takes the reigns of a program struggling not only for an identity, but also for warm carcasses that have a passing resemblence to Big XII talent. Well, we here at GAG think Fitz may have got the whole GARY PATTERSON IS COMING TO K-STATE AND IS TOTALLY THE NEXT COACH story wrong but hey, we will throw what support we can muster behind his sizable ass.



Balo said...

Usually, people try to be funny with their posts... wtf is this piece of shit? Pretty pathetic compared to most of the stuff here.

Kat Kid said...


Read between the lines.

Start with the bold.

Balo said...

Yeah, I got that the first time.

Still shitty, you wouldn't know a thing if not for Fitz.

Should do a post about how his balls are the size of Texas for standing up for his story instead of whatever this is.

Don't like someone thinking you write shit? I bet he doesn't either.

chum1 said...

He didn't stand by his story. He retracted it.

Also, he never breaks any news. That's kinda why people think he's a joke.

Balo said...

Seriously? He never breaks any news? Do you even take the time to pull your heads out of your own asses to look around? The guy runs a site that is constantly full of the most recent news. And he didn't retract the story, that implys that he said he was wrong. He's never done that. He took the story down because it created a big shit-storm at TCU as well as KSU. If you'd listen to anything else being said, you would have heard that two other major newspapers were going to go with the same story until they saw what happened when Fitz posted his...

*POP* there it is, now your head is out, take a look around at the real world.

Nice of you to stand up for your buddy there, maybe he should do it for himself next time.

steve dave said...

Amazing blog entry. Really somes up how big of a fucking douchenozzle Tim Fitzgerald is. Thank God he got his credentials revoked.

embarrassed wildcat said...

I can't believe Fitz's merry band of retards still believe a single god damned thing that fat piece of shit says. Embarrassing that KSU has fans like that.

chum1 said...

Looks like we need more posts about that Fitz fuckface. Hot topic.