Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mo Latimore's career advice

Alright young gun. You're at your first job and the boss man says they may be "making some changes" what do you do? Go in to the office and beg for your job?


You go back to your office and pretend like nothing ever happened. Shuffle papers around, make lots of copies, and hit the recruiting trail. Have your secretary keep you in the loop but unavailable until the next schmuck shows up and then you come back his first day and look busy.

Take it from me young man, just act busy, keep trucking and keep your head down. If the new boss comes in to ask questions look up at that motherfucker and say "Excuse me, I'm trying to get some goddamn work done in here!"

That is how you keep your desk, son.


chum1 said...

I have an evacuation route that leads to his desk in case of nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

and THAT's how you keep the same job for 25 years straight! That's job security, my friend.