Monday, August 24, 2009

Local Beat Writer Looking Forward To New Job

The Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle announced a new hiring to cover the Kansas State beat, balding Kansas graduate Kellis Robinett. When reached for comment Kellis seemed confident the upcoming year would provide plenty of fireworks, "I mean, their basketball coach is a Mexican! Can you believe that?" He was also excited about moving closer to his college roots, "With Lawrence less than two hours away I can get back to my comfort zone whenever I need to take a break. I mean, there were white people in South Dakota but Lawrence is really where we shine. I'm heading to Applebees for some apps, you wanna go?" It wasn't all smiles for Robinett though, "The bad part about this job is I had to delete my blog. The Hawks are gonna be pretty good this season too! I heard Bill Snyder's a Jew."

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Anonymous said...

And you guys thought my work was lame.

Well, this isn't so bad, but Kat Kid sure talks the talk without walking the walk.