Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pelini May Or May Not Love Rape (Probably Does)

This week God's is continuing it's look into the culture of rape in and around the trash schools of the Big 12. We now turn our attention to the most notorious "rapers" of the bunch...Nebraska. You think the prisoners still run this asylum? This is not your slightly older brother's Nebraska, friend. Gone are the days of Tom Osborne organizing team "train rides" on innocent campus females. You see, noted drunk Bo Pelini has decided to institute a zero tolerance policy on each and every player. No longer will there be dirtbag coaches allowing the Peters and Phillips of the world to terrorize and sexually assault the campus co-eds. No sir, you see, when a TE gets his third DUI in the span of one year he will be walking a tight rope of suspension if he even THINKS about getting the fourth. If an offensive lineman gets charged with first-degree sexual assault he better pray to God that he doesn't get charged with ANOTHER first-degree sexual assault or he could be humiliated with running stairs in front of the team. We are talking about ZERO TOLERANCE here folks. God's would also like to publicly announce it's non-affiliation with the disgusting campus newspaper The Daily Nebraskan that had the gall to write a piece questioning Coach Pelini's disciplinary tactics. Have you forgotten where you reside? Have you no respect for the highest office in your state? How dare you dare you. Your disgusting link follows > STAFF EDITORIAL: Pelini Blocks DN, Reverses Decision - Opinion


Anonymous said...

While seeing Pelini in a full-on drunken stupor is nothing short of entertaining, I can't help but to stare in awe at the brotha in the background sporting the Green Lantern shirt. I mean...what the fuck? I guess it just helps to underscore the fact that ANYONE can be a Green Lantern

steve dave said...

Yeah, we were all suprised when we looked up and saw Method Man walk into the room.