Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ron Prince Replacement Candidate Numbero Uno

What do you do when you’re just not very good at life? I don’t know. Quit? Hell no. Never give up. Hire someone? No way. He may tell you to quit.

So, what do you do if one of your subordinates just isn’t very good at life? Tell him to quit? No way. That’s bad management. Hire someone that will tell him to quit for you? Hell yes!

Iowa athletic director Gary Barta is hiring a life-skills advisor for his department. This can only mean one thing. He wants someone to advise Kirk Ferentz that his life is best lived somewhere other than Iowa City.

A natural move for Ferentz would be to Manhattan, Kansas. Inside of Bill Snyder’s abdomen.

Later this year, after Ron Price waddles the sidelines for the last time, Ferentz would become the Kansas State head coach. Bill Snyder would merely serve as host coach and would act as something like a security blanket - something that KSU fans could quickly and easily look at in order to quell anxieties about the state of the football program. Basically, he’d function no differently than Tom Osborne in Nebraska.

I'm starting to feel better already. Please, God, make this happen.


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