Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reesing Outed?

Renowned kick ass journalist Tim Griffin is in the process of trying to out Kansas football douche Todd Reesing on super gay friendly

In the first part of Griffin's exclusive interview, Reesing talks of his passion for dancing and sucking on cock. Reesing is rumored to have thought that he was speaking off the record and now denies saying that he likes to suck on cock.

Personally, I don't know what to believe about Reesing and sucking cock. He's probably not really gay. But here are some additional excerpts from the interview. I say you be the judge. Or don't be.

TG: So, Todd, you say that you like to suck on cock. Are you gay or what?

TR: Yep. Totally.

TG: Other than dancing and sucking on cock, what sorts of gay things do you like to do?

TR: I'm a big fan of interior design. I like watching all my design shows on TV and then sucking on cock.

TG: Do you do any designing yourself or do you just watch on TV and suck on cock?

TR: Yes, yes, and YES!

TG: Tell me about some other gay things you like to do.

TR: Well, let's see. I like to play volleyball with naked dudes.

TG: I see. You love playing all kinds of sports, don't you?

TR: Actually, I don't really care for volleyball. I just like to watch dudes' cocks flopping up and down.

TG: Let me guess. You then suck on those cocks after the match?

TR: Ewww. Gross. You mean suck on those sweaty, sandy volleyball cocks?

Um, yeah, I do. What can I say? I just love sucking on cock.


Anonymous said...

You gotta watch out for this one. He's got herpes, like all over his balls and whatonot. In real life and all over them. So watchout is alls I'm sayin'.

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