Monday, July 28, 2008

Reesing Outed?

Hey, guys. Remember when that reporter guy did that story about Todd Reesing being gay and liking to suck cock and all of that? (A recap is here.) Well, Todd has responded and it looks like that reporter guy had Todd all wrong. Go to hell and suck Todd's cock, reporter guy.


Anonymous said...

I'll be honest, when I read the first piece I thought that him loving to gobble cock was somewhat fabricated. But now, after seeing the video evidence I can see the truth. Dude loves to eat cock, what else is there to say.

Peter said...

Honestly, this humor is below what I've expected here at GAG. It goes without saying that the quarterback of KU is going to be gay; its like calling Nathan Lane a fag. Its not funny, just offensive.

Get back to irony and whimsy, and GO STATE!