Thursday, January 31, 2008


Anyone ever watched a game with a big group of “VERGINABAGS” that weren’t happy about the outcome of, say, the KU v. KSU basketball game and the “havebuttsexwiththeirbrothers” KU fans decided they were both drunk and pissed at the same time and would key your car and start a fight with your wife because they outnumbered you by eleventy to fuck!? Then, you feel bad about them being “sonssssofbitches” and you kicked in the crotch the whole bunch of them because they were fucking “asshats” (< sp?) and couldn’t take the loss of their “PERFECT TEAM THAT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!” and after about 30 minutes of pure slobbering(earhurts?) it got broken up by the Lincoln, NE PD!?!?!?!?!………………….. Fuck, I hate the Lincoln PD……Thanks HITLER, I’M SO GRATEFULYOU GAVE ME MY RECEIPT FROM FILLING UP WITH GAS EARLIER BACK BUT NOT MY KEYS YOU FUCKING NAZI SHITFUCK. Anyone been through that? You should just say scoreboard from now on, to them. SCORBOARD!

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Kat Kid said...

You know what really chaps me off? Do ya? It is gas station attendants form some little bumfuck place of little consequence spoutin' off about a university they've never visited, let alone attended classes at. That really grinds my gears, ya know? Really twists my tits.