Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kansas State Athletic Department calls Ron Prince's tenure "April Fools Joke"

MANHATTAN- Interim Shadow Athletic Director Bob Krause
announced today that Ron Prince's tenure as Head Football Coach at Kansas State University has been "an extended April Fools joke." At a 2pm press conference held at Krause's informal office located on a reserved barstool at Harry's Uptown, Krause added, "I hope everyone can enjoy a hearty laugh now. I mean Bold and Daring, Ad Astra Per Aspra? Fucking come on! You guys had to figure it out by then, right?" Krause expressed incredulity, between sips of his single malt 21 year scotch on the rocks, at the surprised reaction of the press corps and pushed further "You really thought we'd hire him if it weren't for yuks?"

In an accompanying statement released this morning by K-State Sports Information Director Kenny Lannou, Former Athletic Director and current Deputy Big 12 Conference Commissioner Tim Weiser explained the rationale for the decision, "After Coach Snyder retired, we were looking for something to brighten the mood. In the athletics game everyone works on a three year plan, so we set April 1, 2008 as the target date." When asked if the departure of Bob Huggins or the extended tenure of Jim Woolridge had been previous long running jokes as well, Krause commented: "No, we just fucked those up."

Summing up Wildcat Nation's response would be difficult. Reactions varied and conflicted with drastically different opinions across different groups of supporters. Barney Benson a longtime Wildcat fan and 1972 alumnus seemed angry and confused: "My fucking Ahearn Scholarship Fund checks weren't a joke! They really dicked me here, but I don't even know what to think."

Jack Mehoff a junior in Open Option expressed surprise, but welcomed the joke, "I didn't see that one coming, but that is hilarious." Adding, "I'm so high right now."

Over at gopowercat.com, Tim Fitzgerald gave his insiders a heads-up on this with a post just minutes before Krause's announcement letting them all in on the joke. Asked why he hadn't previously mentioned the joke Fitz explained, "I pretty much knew the whole time, I just wanted fans to get the full experience of the April Fools joke. I didn't want to spoil it, you know?"

Contrast that with the response at Ksufans.com by former booster and message board poster sonofdaxjones "This is my last post on here. Some shit is probably going to go down now and I just want to say thank you to all those who believed me when I said these motherfuckers were capable of anything. God Bless, EMAW! and Go STATE!"

Maybe the person who put the whole day in perspective best was Ron Prince himself "This is my team." After a day of twists, turns, revelations and surprises it is best to remember that Ron Prince is the joke.


sonofdaxjones said...

That's great, keep it up.

sonofdaxjones said...

I forgot to ask. Does this mean I have to rescind my Black Stan Parrish label now??

Kat Kid said...

no. It is a joke either way. You are just describing the story that leads up to the punchline with the Stan Parrish label.

The42Yardstick said...

Great blog, IMO.

shwan said...

this was hilarious. I wanted to do onion type articles here, but was scared.