Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This man must be stopped.

You know who this is? Matt Walters. To be honest, he sucks balls. Why do I care? Because he is a sideline reporter and local sports talk personality.
So? Well, Matt "FuckShit" Walters is on record as saying the following:
"In essence, KMAN tries to give high school wrestling as much coverage as possible," said Walters.

What an asshole!
I know. Not only does he sound like a retarded Walrus, but he doesn't even talk about K-State sports all the time. No! He takes entire segments to update us about the Riley Co. Falconettes Girls Softball tourney and the Rock Creek Mustangs Backyard Wrasslin' Mania Fest. Seriously? Not to mention his incessant Royals/Chiefs chat. Nothing pisses off a true Wildcat fan more than seeing a local yokel who doesn't know shit about K-State, hammering home a Posnanski or Grunhard talking point about how Larry Johnson is not a role model or Mike Sweeney is a hometown hero. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. How is he as a sideline reporter? Awful. His delivery is so slow that by the time he mentions that the player looked like they may have been out of bounds Wyatt has missed the next play. You know what its like when Wyatt gets confused. How does this piece of shit have a job? No one knows. Maybe its because he covers all the high school stuff so people that post on gopowercat like him, thus Fitz likes him. FITZ! I know, it all comes back to that bald blob of gooey slime with the emo glasses. We've been FITZ'D!

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Anonymous said...

up with matt walters (i think it's probably wolters, but up with both of them!)! a great baptist and a great man. i once entrusted him with $6K in cash, and he saw to it that the prospective student-athlete got every penny! in other words, a true friend (and great baptist).