Monday, March 31, 2008

Motto Time!

Prince mottos. Let's quickly recap!

2006: Bold and Daring! (7-6)

2007: Power of One! (5-7)

Thanks to Levi Wolters for actually reading words in the media guide and getting the scoop on Ron Prince's latest stroke of genius for 2008:

Ad Astra Per Aspera!! (AWESOME!)

What's good:

1. Acknowledging that, at times, and maybe more often than not, we are going to suck really bad this year. For God's sake, don't act like there won't be difficulties. Lay it out there for everyone to see right from the get go.

2. Tie-in with state motto. It's much harder for people to hate this team when they associate it with their state. You might call it allegiance or loyalty. I call it fucking genius.

What's bad:

1. Not corporate sounding enough. In order for Prince to be successful, he needs to act like a Fortune 500 CEO as much as possible. It's obvious he understands this. That's why the new motto is something of a head scratcher. But still genius.

2. Tie-in with state motto. Kansas isn't known for much. Basketball more than football, I suppose. And you have to wonder if people watching KSU play football going to start daydreaming about sitting in Allen Fieldhouse and watching the Jayhawks make dunks and stuff.

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