Monday, March 24, 2008

The People Have Spoken: I AM > WE ARE

I don't care how many conference and national championships Ron Prince wins in the next one to ten years, this is embarrassing. Really embarrassing.

Not all that long ago, we were all stupefied by Prince's glitzy business sense in general and apparent prodigy like aptitude for marketing in particular. "This guy could make fish and sharks and coral and other sea life love water through ingenious mass media ad campaigns," we all thought to ourselves.

We were wrong. While we were busy worshiping Ron Prince for his idea to print up some "We Are K-State" t-shirts and hold a meet and greet by the student union, some local Hollywood guru at Fresno State was winning awards, procuring sponsors, and even creating a website (!) for their own, better "I Am Fresno State" slogan.

Utterly humiliated, Ron Prince has now decided that he no longer wants to play Fresno State and is backing out of the game like a little bitch. This is the embarrising part that I was talking about before.

We are now forced to deal with the reality that, not only did we not hire the marketing genius that we once thought we did, but we also got a guy that doesn't even want to coach. Please tell me it can't get any worse!

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