Friday, March 28, 2008

Wait a minute P.C. America!

We here at GAG occasionally take a break from the daily grind of covering our beloved KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY WILDCATS to comment on the hopeful, depraved, monotonous world around us (focusing primarily on the Manhattan/Konza Prairie locality and Central Plains region). That said, let me say something America (if that's even your real name) you are a p.c. nanny fart and are totally bummin me out.

In case you haven't heard, I direct your attention to some local news:

Katherine J. Harder, a language arts teacher at a Manhattan High school, in Manhattan, Kansas has been arrested and jailed on suspicion of unlawful sexual relations.
Used to be, P.C. America was a bunch of pointy-headed liberals in the ivory towers on the Atlantic coast with their fiery gaze of devil worship lasers firmly fixed on Europe. NO LONGER! Now these self-proclaimed "experts" have written laws that say that if you have a total boner for your English teacher they throw her in jail.


We here at GAG strongly object to the idea that totally horny 17-year old dudes can't get down with totally willing/hot 31-year old English teacher babes. If you take that away we predict no less than the collapse of our long revered institution of Public Education for All. If you got zits and an out of control dork, if you have a penchant for creative writing that gets your hot teach moist, if you are for freedom and liberty and everything that is right with America, than surely you will agree that this federally funded COCK BLOCK SHALL NOT STAND!

With that, I end with a hearty:


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