Monday, March 3, 2008

MY TAKE: 800 W’s Ain’t What it Used to Be

I’ll acknowledge Duke Basketball Head Man Mike Krzyzewski when and only when he reaches at least 1000 wins, thank you very much.

While I’m not one of those nut job conspiracy theorist nuts who believe that Duke Basketball gets more than its fair share of love from ESPN and/or Dick “Wyoming Cowboy basketball 'til I die” Vitale, the amount of attention paid to Mike Krzyzewski’s so-called “milestone” tastes more like Pepto Shitsmol to me.

I’m not trying to take anything at all away form Mike Krzyzewski. He’s been doing a satisfactory enough job, I suppose, and even seems to be in pretty decent standing with John and Jane Taxpayer as well as with Jesus Christ. He was, after all, able to retain his position despite nearly one million calls for his puny weasel head during the lacrosse stripper sex scandal eight long years ago.

Look, all I’m saying is that I’m sick of all these people who think that we need to be going out of our way to acknowledge Mike Krzyzewski in any way. That’s my point. And, also, right now is just not a good time for this, man.

Back in the days when alchie dinosaurs like Eddie Sutton were crossing the 800th victory plateau, there were, like, only three or four other guys on the list of guys with 800 wins. Now, it’s like everyone and their fucking grandma’s coach is on the list. And, trust me, most of these guys you’ve never heard of. I’m sorry, but just who the fuck are Adolph Rupp, Dick Sauers, and Jerry Tarkanian? Anyone?

Acknowledge Mike Krzyzewski for winning 800 games? I don’t think so. At least not before we acknowledge Klagenfurt.


shwan said...

this blog, sucks ass.

chum1 said...

That's troubling news indeed. Can you please be more specific? What would make it better, in your opinion?