Friday, March 21, 2008

What's on tap for 2008: Brady Kroeker

Not much happening in the world of KSU sports again, so it's time to start looking at candidates for team captain. First up is Brady Kroeker.

Kroeker's sack total fell last year to 4.5 from 11.5 in 2006, his tackles for loss from 17 to 11, but league coaches still thought enough of him to vote Kroeker first team all-Big 12 off a sketchy overall defense for the second consecutive year. He’s the best pass rushing end in the conference by reputation, and athletic enough to project as an outside linebacker in the NFL. In other words, the kid’s, you know, bona fide. These are the best pics we could find.

"I'm taking you down with me, number 18."

"You just got JACKED UP!"


shwan said...

so i'm guessing you found those two pics, couldn't stop LOL'ing and figured out a way to incorporate it to the blog?

chum1 said...

Do you have better pics of Kroeker? If so, please email them to the inbox.

Drew said...

haha, i do!

Brady said...

WOW bro, I was team captain at SMW Highschool in '05. Kroek island has officially retired, Revis is left. Now I strictly polar bear cricks