Wednesday, March 19, 2008


If you're like me you are sick and fucking tired of old lazy World War II vets telling you night in and night out how "brave" their storming of Omaha Beach was....Well, I will be the first to say what we have all been thinking...Where is you fucking trophy old man!? That's right, you don't have one. Kansas State, on the other hand, could bring one home if they don't embarrass themselves like our "Greatest Generation" did eleventy-billion years ago. While Michael Beasley is dominating the boards the WWII vets of the world will be dominating their pants. While Bill Walker is scoring at will Private Jefferson is asking if he can get extra apple sauce with is old man meal. Listen, moral of the story is God provides second chances to even the most inept. Join with us here at GAG to salute the brave men and women that are making their way to Omaha to see a REAL team play this weekend.

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