Saturday, March 8, 2008


Listen chumps, nobody knows Michael Beasley like GAG knows Michael Beasley. We just imagined what would happen if he talked to us for realz about his next step and this is what would probably have been said:
Gods: Mike, you just pretty much pwnt the whole universe at basketball, reflect.
Michael Beasley: Well, fellas' first of all I LOVE your blog, I don't make a move without consulting godsawesomegift first. Second, I love staying in college for four years and just dominating the record books!
Gods: Whoaa, whoaaa, we havn't even got to that yet and you have already confirmed you will be back not only next year but the next THREE years!?
Mike: Yeah, did I stutter.
Gods: No, but the rest of my prepared questions are out the window. New questions. Would Curtis Malone make a good Director of Basketball Operations?
Mike: Yeah, he already accepted the job! You didn't hear?
Gods: No, but we are traditionally far behind the news wagon given our low budget and lack of media credentials.
Mike: Sure, he took the job. I will make sure to break all new news to godsawesomegiftksu from now on given our amazing relationship and your fantastic journalistic integrity.
Gods: Thank you sir.

Mike: No, thank you sirs. Also, I wanted to give you this million dollar bill for being just that great.
Gods: Oh sweet!

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