Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Play What the Fuck Happened to _____?

Up this week: JEREMY BLOOM!!!

Most KSU fans rememer Jeremy Bloom as a fucking awesome bump skier. Trivia quiz masters may also remember that he played for the Colorado Buffalo men's football team. And would you believe that Mr. Bloom even got some playing time in a game against KSU? Click on the following link to see some video evidence of that: Click this right here.

There you have it.

So, back to the issue at hand. What is Mr. Bloom up to these days?

Giving back. That's what.

JB founded the Donna Wheeler Foundation. The Donna Wheeler Foundation's mission is to fulfill lifelong dreams to senior citizens.

It sounds a lot like the Make-a-Wish Foundation to me. Except that instead of kids, they use old people. And the old people aren't dying...or, um...well, you know what I mean.

Okay, here's where I was going to write something positive about this Donna Wheeler Wish of a Lifetime stuff. I'm starting to realize, however, that this is a really fucking shitty idea.

Have you ever spent any time around old people? They absolutely live for their simple, mundane daily routine. And why the fuck would they want to go to a Van Halen recording session when they can't hear a fucking thing? Or go base jumping when they might not be able to deploy their chute because they fucking fell asleep on the way down?

Jesus Christ, what a fucking horrible idea. I can't write any more.

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