Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In bizarre, yet completely unsurprising, move Bob Krause hires Ron Prince as "Life Transition Coach"

(Charlottesville)-  "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  That must be the quote ringing in the ears on former Kansas State Athletic Director and V.P. of Institutional Advancement Bob Krause.  Word leaked today that Bob Krause secured the services of Ron Prince in another shocking and stratospheric stint as his coach, but Prince won't be focused on the gridiron.  He'll be focused on the x's and o's, and $'s.  Bob Krause has hired Ron Prince as his "Life Transition Coach."  
In the paperwork leaked to GAGKSU Prince will be called upon to "provide financial, career, personal, spiritual consultation and representation as Mr. Krause pursues progress toward meeting his goals during this period of transition."  The contract further gives Prince "power of attorney" designates him "executor of Bob Krause Trust" and elects him as "Sheriff of Horizon Ranch." As for compensation, Prince will be paid a $2 million signing bonus, be entitled to a $500,000 base salary as "Life Transition Coach."  But that is only part of Prince's compensation package, in addition In Pursuit of Perfection (Prince's Limited Liability Corporation) will receive Non-Taxable Municipal Bonds worth an estimated $2.5 million after interest.  These notes were issued issued through "Krausetown" signed by, you guessed it, Mayor Bob Krause.  Apparently, Krause has recently filed paperwork with the state of Kansas to incorporate Horizon Ranch as a town under a seldom used provision of the Homestead Act of 1862.
In this bizarre move befitting the bizarre pair, the two have once again entered in to an agreement, although this team the secret hardly lasted long enough for the ink to dry.  As of posting time neither Krause nor Prince could be reached for comment. 

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