Friday, February 8, 2008

EMAW!'r of the Week


That is the word around here. Things are abuzz at the Gods workshop. Executive decisions are being made and shit is getting done. The gooey, primordial soup is slowly taking shape. Apparently, someone decided to shape Fridays (aka, the start of the weekend) like a wiener. Or more specifically like that shit that cakes under your mushroom head if you don't clean after a wank and makes your junk smell like the crease between the cushions in the dorm lobby couch on Sunday morning. Well EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME! Some of us like to fucking party around here and getting a face full of well aged man-aize is not our idea of a good time. Some of us like to go in to the weekend with a BANG! Not the pathetic remains of one.


So you know what? Apparently this shit is like Vietnam, Walter. Maybe there aren't any rules. So I decided, henceforth, to give your wieners something to jam with instead of just a rotten case of wiener jam.

EMAW!'r of the Week

Ok. For the retards:
EMAW! = Every Man A Wildcat.
EMAW!'r = Every Man A Wildcat'r
EMAW!'r of the Week = Every Man A Wildcat'r of the Week (in this case Feb 4-8 if you want to get fucking technical)



God is this week's EMAW'r of the Week because of his creation of Kansas State University. "What?", you exclaim.

Fuck you. Apparently, someone is a little asshole contrarian. Well, no one likes an asshole.

Apparently, you missed the part where it said that God created the Universe and then he made Man. Man made Kansas State University. Therefore God made Kansas State University.

Looks like someone never took the SAT. And don't give me this "literal interpretation" "with his hands" noise. He just sub-contracted that shit out because he's got the cash flow.

Don't hate.

That's why it is God's Awesome Gift: KSU and not Isaac Goodnow's Awesome Gift: KSU, ok?

So anyway, I'll finish off by saying:

Thank You O'Lord (yes he's Irish you smart ass)
For this blessed institution of higher learning
For Michael Beasley and Billy Walker
For Frank Martin and Dalonte Hill
For Josh Freeman
For this Awesome blog that will serve testament to your Bodacious greatness
For Led Zepplin
And for burning down that building so we could have the Wabash.

This week's EMAW'r of the Week!



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