Friday, February 15, 2008


Here at Gods we try to make up for society’s numerous embarrassments. Our newest initiative is the forced breeding of two subsets of the world’s most important and influential figures. Big 12 basketball coaches and Politicians have always been known as the gas that makes the world engine go. Now, we here are Gods are going to take that up just a few fucking notches. Breeding these two sets of awesome together may just get us to the next evolutionary jump that puts us over the edge.

Our second forced breeding initiative features Bill Self and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This doesn’t seem like a compatible match to some but our scientists at Gods have done their homework. Arnold is an Austrian born American who governs the state of California. Bill Self is a facist who coaches the Kansas Jayhawks. Now the connection is becoming clearer isn’t it! Arnold was featured in gay porn in his early body building days. Bill Self has hair plugs. Now you’re catching on! Arnold is the least qualified governor in the nation. Bill Self turns McDonalds All Americans into solid 4-year players with no shot at the NBA. Both subjects can usually be found watching Fox News or attempting to live up to the legacy of Roy Williams. Both also enjoy missionary style sex with their unattractive wives.

We here at Gods hope this natural fit in forced captive breeding can lead to a hybrid that carries the best traits of both breeding specimens.

These good traits include: Muscle

The traits we will look to avoid include: Low basketball coaching ability, Wedding a she-beast, Baldness, Anti-Semitism

Please visit next week for our next featured breeding couple.

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