Thursday, February 7, 2008

Local KU Fans Ready for Yearly Disappointment

Lawrence resident Trevor “Trevsky” Nicholson has been nervously counting down the days to the KU annual basketball disappointment he explained to Gods in a recent interview. “I just hope it isn’t to Bucknell or Bradley, you know?” said the junior. “As a Psychology major I understand more than most the mental shit this team puts us through. Hell, much of my year goes into claiming my Hawks are Elite and One of the Big Dogs but I know what’s coming, yeah, I know” Trevor gloomily confessed during our interview at Freestate with a bunch of his “bras”. Trevor’s frat “bro” Hamilton “The Hamster” Johnson confided in Gods in a supposedly private interview that he didn’t even think he wanted to be a KU fan anymore, “I just don’t think it’s worth it, knowing we will under-perform again and send me and my bro’hams into our seasonal depression.” “I think I may just hang with my boys at the Wheel and scope for some hotties because that’s what we do best," The Hamster suggested before administering “high-fives” to his “bros-in-arms.” One thing is for sure, none of this Abercrombie and Fitch outfitted troupe was going to bet anything on their hawks winning it all. “No, man, I won’t put any cheese on the hawks this year. I work to hard for that allowance to waste it on anything but micros and biaaatches”, explained Kenny “Milkchugger” Lawson to nods of approval from his “posse”.

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chum1 said...

steve dave,

That was one hell of an insightful interview. Unfortunately, we can't reimburse you for the gas you used on the trip, after all.

Sorry, dude.