Thursday, February 28, 2008

GAG endorses Frank Martin!

God's Awesome Gift: KSU is proud to formally offer its endorsement and full support for Frank Martin's current bid to become the next President of Cuba. Frank Martin has been a long and outspoken critic of the Communist regime in his native Cuba. Martin was quoted in his recent conversation with renowned Latin American political luminary Mark Janssen as saying, of Cuba, "Those are the guys I want to coach." When asked to comment about the recent election of Raúl Castro, Martin said he didn't like to "... sit back and hope people miss. It's not my personality. It's not who I am. I like attacking" clearly answering any questions about possible second thoughts in light of Sunday's ballot returns.

God's Awesome Gift: KSU admires the spirited fight and vigor that Martin exudes. While we here at GAG would be sad to see Coach Martin depart our beloved hamlet of wondrous basketopia, it would clearly be for the greater good of the world. Much like his name sake José de San Martín, El Libertador, who led a march through South America bringing Freedom and terrific basketball; Frank Martin destiny of global domination cannot be bound by the wheat fields of the Flint Hills or the Ale Houses of Aggieville. Frank, you have liberated us too, you see. From shitty hoops and from Bob Huggins' sweaty advances on our unsullied, young barmaidens.
God Bless you Frank Martin and we wish you well.

Revolución FRANK-O

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