Monday, February 25, 2008

MY TAKE: Keep NBA Talent In College!

Remember how, when you were younger or maybe still today, your father would take you to a college basketball game and relentlessly heckle the no talent scrubs sitting at the end of the bench? Well, what once provided an opportunity to laugh and have some special bonding stuff going on is now signaling the beginning of a full on crisis mode situation.

You see, amigos, the latest from the kenpom data bank indicates that the end of the bench, very much like certain global warming conditions, is growing and expanding at a crazy scary rate.

Take, for example, Tier 1 elite Duke and Tier 2 elite Kansas. Their present twin strategies to avoid recruiting NBA talent at all costs have resulted in teams consisting entirely of four year player, end of the bench type scrubby scrubs.

No doubt, your initial reaction is, so what? More scrubs, more heckles, more family fun, right? WRONG! So what’s the big fucking deal, then? Well, I’ll tell you, dude.

Teams that consist entirely of four year player, end of the bench type of scrubby scrubs have a name: mid majors. But when’s the last time you watched a game between two mid majors? Nobody wants to watch that shit, man. Point proven.

If the entire whole of college basketball becomes a huge dirty bathtub full of mid majors, no one will be interested. No one will watch on television. No one will go to games. And, I’m telling you right now. Those kinds of things are not good for college basketball. They just aren't.

In conclusion, for the sake of the college game, KEEP NBA TALENT IN COLLEGE! Peace, man. GO CATS!

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