Monday, February 11, 2008

MY TAKE: Embarrassing “Pressers” get a NOT! (HOT!)

College students, like Scandinavians, should be seen and not heard. This is doubly true for student athletes at KSU. Why, then, are the folks at the KSU yearbook, Royal Purple Yearbook, broadcasting Seussical the Musical inspired ramblings of said individuals for the internet community at large to see at large? The answer? Just as it was regarding the profs, poi, and porn pictorial controversy last year, the answer is quite simple: COLLEGE STUDENTS.

That’s right. Unbelievably, this is, quite remarkably, a case of college students giving other college students a voice. You see, a GAG KSU special investigation has uncovered and revealed that the KSU yearbook, Royal Purple, is actually a publication of students: COLLEGE STUDENTS.

How could such a tragic flimflam have occurred, you ask? We don’t know.

What’s important here, though, isn’t how this has happened. It is that it has happened. That is, that’s what’s important here. Indubitable proof that it has indeed happened (what’s important here) can be viewed by all at large in the video montage compilation below.

WARNING! What you are about to witness is embarrassing to KSU, its friends, its family, the countries from which its foreign students derive, and to both the Declaration of Independence and free speech in general. The fifth time you see it, your stomach will turn. The tenth time you see it, you will get, like, really, really mad. After that, it’s basically a lot of crying about the future of our planet. GO CATS!

Footage courtesy of Royal Purple Yearbook. Tunes courtesy of the The Flying Burrito Brothers. Formatting courtesy of Team Catlab.

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